Our Direction - Establishing Schools in South Africa

Since the Lord has brought us here to the Gordon's Bay area of Cape Town, South Africa, He has continued to set His plan with our lives together. We arrived in April 2016 and have met countless people, ministered to many, and been blessed by and a blessing to others.


From that time, we have learned much of the culture, the climate, and the extremes in poverty and wealth. And have gotten to know so many wonderful people, families, and children from a broad cultural diversity. This is still amazing to us! We continue to engage and embrace the diversity around us, yet not allowing it to define us; because it is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is God's Agape Love, that will bring unity to the diversity. Not through conformity, but through a transformation of the heart and mind, from fear to Love.


For over a year now, we have been managing together a low-fee, private, Christian primary school. Through difficult times and threatened closures of the school, we have been in the process of rescuing it and carrying it forward into new schools called Crosspoint Academy. The start of which is moving the existing school to a new location in Strand, Cape Town; from which we will be striving with the Lord to open up and establish multiple schools in the Helderberg region of Cape Town, South Africa. This is the new direction and vision it is focused in.


With these schools, we will continue what we began over a year ago, creating a school that places care and respect towards the child and the family. One that has a relationship not only with the family and child, the teachers, volunteers, management, but foremost the Lord. And together we not only shape the lives of these children through education, touching their minds; but also affecting their hearts to the true Love and Grace of our Father in Heaven, His Son Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.


To know more about what A Crosspoint Academy, please see our Crosspoint Academy page.


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Thank you for sharing this vision with us! For together, we will bring hope and unity to the Nation. God Bless!

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