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The future of our children, our country, and the world is the result of how we raise our children at home and in school. Crosspoint Academy understands the importance of this as we positively guide the hearts and minds of the children that come through our classrooms. Each child is important to us!


Crosspoint Academy is a low-income private Christian Primary School that has Grades RR (pre-K), Grade R (Kindergarten), and Grades 1-9.


With a strong focus on the Wholistic Wellbeing of the child, we integrate Psycho-Socio-Emotional care for each learner. Discovering their full potential even when faced with the traumas of life (poverty, abuse, neglect, and more), but also when they themself face a learning difference.


​Utilizing specialized international teaching methods, we guide young minds into cultivating a love for lifetime learning. It is our goal as educators to help them want to learn. In our classrooms, it becomes “I want to” instead of “I have to”. And through learning, we open up life and career opportunities for them.


Additionally, we guide the hearts of the children into an open, positive relationship with our Father in Heaven through Christ Jesus. It is His Agape Love that is the Gospel of Christ Jesus. With this relationship, we are led into a life filled with love, unity, peace, and hope.


And a relationship is what we in turn want to develop with each of the children, the teachers, volunteers, staff, and parents of the child. We want to be a part of each of those lives and them in ours. This happens through honesty, care, love, compassion, communication, and openness.

Our first school (of many planned) is established in Strand, Cape Town, South Africa. It is in the heart of Strand in the Central Business District; set up as an urban school. To learn more about it, follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CrosspointStrand


Or visit us at our website: www.CrosspointAcademy.co.za

Making A Difference - A Crosspoint Method School


In “guiding hearts and minds”, The Crosspoint Foundation and Crosspoint Academy focus not only on the academics for the child, but also their mental and emotional wellbeing. Much of a person’s health and learning is directly related to their psycho-social state. This wholistic approach embraces the connections of Spirit, Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body to fulfil the potential of the individual in a social context. With this, the child can excel in who they are without limitations to who they can be.



To develop a wholistic child that grows into a young adult ready to face the world around them. Taking with them the energy, passion, and strength to overcome anything they face through embracing the values and vision engrained in them at Crosspoint Academy. This, with our Teaching Methodology, make our school unique.

Teaching Methodology: At Crosspoint Academy we use an International-style of teaching using “Active Learning”. The instruction given by teachers engage with students on their level allowing them to be active participants in their own learning process. Active learning is exciting and looks like everything from changing worksheet to a fun activity, pausing to reflect to role playing, small and large group discussions, hands-on tech, brainstorming, and case studies. Our teachers are always circulating the classroom to gauge student understanding of the topic. Formative assessment is our assessment of choice, using things like exit tickets, clip-board cruising, and classroom polls. However, we do follow the CAPS the curriculum and must take the formal assessments as required by the WCED. We feel our teaching methods prepare our students for these summative assessments more than any other type of teaching.



The compassionate Heart of God is at the core of The Crosspoint Foundation and Crosspoint Academy; encompassing honesty, accountability, humility, and an energetic/proactive approach to life—impacting the diverse lives of the children, parents, teachers, staff, and all who pass through our door. We are “guiding hearts and minds” into altruistic leaders of tomorrow.

  • Heart of God / Compassion: We exist to grow both the heart and mind. We create children who care for one-another, their community, their culture, their country, and the world. We are moved by the needs of others to act in making a positive difference in their lives (even in the little ways).
  • Energetic / Proactive: Every day is a new day to begin fresh, excited, and ready to participate in the environment around us. We place our energy into being proactively ready for the school day ahead; and then energetically giving it our all as the facilitators of learning our students need.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for our own actions, admit when we make mistakes, and strive to be our best selves for our fellow staff and our students.
  • Honesty: It is vital that honesty be held in high regard in all communications with each other, students, and parents. Even when faced with the vulnerability of expressing the truth and asking for forgiveness, honesty shows our students that the RIGHT way to handle life situations is always in a truthful way.
  • Humility: This allows for selflessness and dignity. We have and show humility by listening to and accepting others. Humility allows each one of us to be “great” in the hearts of others (a mentor). Humility creates an open mind and recognition of the strengths in ourselves and others.


Physical Address: 12 Pickle Street, Strand, Cape Town, South Africa

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