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The future of our children, our country, and the world is the result of how we raise our children at home and in school. Crosspoint Academy understands the importance of this as we positively guide the hearts and minds of the children that come through our classrooms. Each child is important to us!


Crosspoint Academy is a low-income private Christian Primary School that has Grades RR (pre-K), Grade R (Kindergarten), and Grades 1-9.


​Utilizing specialized teaching methods, we guide young minds into cultivating a love for lifetime learning. It is our goal as educators to help them want to learn. In our classrooms, it becomes “I want to” instead of “I have to”. And through learning, we open up life and career opportunities for them.


Additionally, we guide the hearts of the children into a relationship with our Father in Heaven through Christ Jesus. It is His Agape Love that is the Gospel of Christ Jesus. With this relationship, we are led into a life filled with love, unity, peace, and hope.


And a relationship is what we in turn want to develop with each of the children, the teachers, volunteers, staff, and parents of the child. We want to be a part of each of those lives and them in ours. This happens through honesty, care, love, compassion, communication, and openness.

Our first school (of many planned) is established in Strand, Cape Town, South Africa. It is in the heart of Strand in the Central Business District; set up as an urban school. To learn more about it, follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CrosspointStrand


Or visit us at our website: www.CrosspointAcademy.co.za

Making A Difference - A Crosspoint Method School

As a Crosspoint Academy incorporates the following three criteria that make the school who we are.


We understands that not every child learns at the same pace or the same level; and we incorporate that into our classroom:


We Embrace Learning Differences – We recognize that some students have learning differences and we embrace these differences. We never label a student as "slow". We help each student to succeed, no matter how quickly we think they are grasping a concept. We don’t move on from a topic until 100% of our students understand it by utilizing volunteer assistants, management and color coded learning groups to help mediate those students who take longer to understand.


Many of our children can come from broken homes and poor living conditions; in which there is often violence and aggression. This is not the best learning environment for a child. As such, we take a caring approach to behaviour management:


We use PBIS Techniques to manage our Classrooms – PBIS is Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. We understand that PBIS is the most effective form of behavior management and we utilize it all day long in our classrooms. We never punish, belittle, yell at, mock or swat / spank (hit) a child.


And we have found that the best way to help educate the child is to engage with them in the classroom. This means that a teacher and a volunteer are always working directly with the child, walking around the classroom, and creating one-on-one discussions to help the child understand the lesson in more detail for that child:


We Use Active Teaching and Interactive Response Methods – We utilize active teaching methods that require the student to be interactive with our lessons. We are not lecturers, we are facilitators. We are constantly checking for understanding and asking probing questions that cannot be answered with a Yes or No. We utilize group work, partners, personal white boards, group discussion, and other methods to ensure our students are actively learning.


Additionally, we are utilizing registered Social Workers to help many children with their home-environment and emotional status.

Volunteering / Internship

To help facilitate the type of teaching methods unitilzed in the classroom, Crosspoint Academy incorporates the help of volunteers. Young men and women from Europe and Germany interested in Social Development and Education spend anywhere from a few months to a year living on campus and engaging in the lives of the children here.


Under the guidance of the teachers and management, the volunteers become part of the daily routies in the school and classroom. The volunteers assist the teacher in the classroom, help set up lessons of their own, and teach Music, Art, and P.E.


If you would be interested in joining Crosspoint Academy as a volunteer, or to do an internship, please reach out to us or one of these two Volunteer Organizations:


Project Help (Germany / Europe)


Claim Victory (USA / Europe / International)


Physical Address: 12 Pickle Street, Strand, Cape Town, South Africa

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